Organic or not?

I've been debating this for some time. When we buy from one of our Farmers' Market vendors, I can be reasonably confident I'm getting food that most would term organic, but when we go to the local supermarket I have some choices that are and some that aren't. A good friend who is a little further along the pathway to healthy eating than we are told us we should avoid pesticide exposure by buying the organic variety of apples, berries (when possible), leafy greens and basically anything you consume all of. Melons and bananas have a thick enough skin so she thinks they don’t have to be organic.

I believe her, but sometimes it's tough to find organic berries here in Fort Collins and sometimes I think just by eating more fruits and vegetables and less processed food I've made enough of a change for now. Reading books written by a number of the healthy-living gurus, I note that several of them agree with me.

I mentioned in a previous blog what we've done about meat choices, but obviously I still need to cogitate on the organic fruit and veggie issue some more. Organic is presumably good, for instance, if it helps me avoid pesticide exposure, but I'm not always sure if things labeled that way really meet the criteria that I think of when I use the term. Is it worth the extra expense or not? What do you think?

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  1. I am a little leery of organic because I don't know what the criteria is for something to qualify as organic. I love summer time because we can grow our own veggies and those I know are 100% pesticide free.

  2. Kicker says:

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  3. Jayraj says:

    We switched to Organic milk a long time ago. Having worked in the greenhouse saving ourselves from Pesticides is like closing the barn door... But we are more concerned about the antibiotics and hormones from milk. Recently I read that the puberty age has dropped from 17 to 12!

    My question is does semi organic work? if you eat organic fruits and veggies but "regular" everything else is it still worth spending the extra on organic?

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