Yes, we do eat meat...some meat

I've thought about this a lot as our diet has shifted over the past few years and especially over the past few months. I do believe we should eat more vegetables and fruits and less meat, at least less red meat. We both like fish and chicken, but a steak tempts me once in a while. So let me tell you what we have done in this regard. First, when I eat red meat, I eat much smaller portions. I used to love to order a 16 oz. steak, now I'm much more like to order an 8 oz. portion and actually rarely do so when we eat out.

What I did, roughly two years ago was to buy a buffalo, actually a bison, of course, but I tend to use the terms interchangeably. I put together a consortium of four families and bought 380 lbs. of boneless, skinless buffalo from the Lakota Sioux in South Dakota. Three of the four families loved the bison meat and want to order more. We've got a replacement for the one family that was less content. The meat is very lean as the animals are grass-fed and grass-finished. We've subsequently found a family in our immediate area that raises bison and does not corn finish the animals (there apparently is another group in our area that does corn finish theirs). Our 95 lbs. was about half steaks and other cuts, half chopped bison. The chopped is dry enough so we've usually made it as pasta sauce; it's great that way. The other cuts have been wonderful, although we had to put the one piece of ribs (it had small bones) into a slow cooker to get it tender.

Subsequently we bought a young sheep from the Hi Ho Sheep Farm after trying some chops. They're usually at one of our local farmers' markets and the meat is "organic.' We ended up with roughly seventy-five lbs. and split that with another family. The lamb has also been superb and we'll buy from them again.

Recently we found a Colorado firm that offers grass-fed, grass-finished Beefmaster beef and bought a small amount, about 18 lbs. as 1/2 of a family pack. I'm very concerned about eating hamburger from the supermarket. I've read several articles about one hamburger containing meat from multiple sites in a number of countries. This way I think we'll only get hamburger from one animal, certainly from one herd. I absolutely loved their meat and we'll buy more eventually, if I can put together a large enough group so the price of the meat is reasonable.

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